Isabel Alonso Vega

These pieces are transparent sheets, painted and suspended inside acrylic boxes. By superposing these acetates, they create three-dimensional images.

Geniuses is the natural continuation of herprevious work, Smoke. This evolution, while maintaining the germinating essence of Smoke, shifts from painting to sculpture.

Geniuses are fantastic creatures of mesopotamic and arabic mythology, invisible beings that take different forms and are associated with the divine realm.

The identity of each Genius is subject to the spectator´s perspective. Depending on the perspective they exist or cease to exist, they are or they are not.

When one is located at an angle where the Genius is not present, the case and the lamins suggest the presence of something more. This continous suggestion of the Genius creates a confrontation with the spectator, a sense of incompleteness, that is what thrusts one to move and change perspective until the Genius is revealed. It is only upon the revelation of the Genius that one comprehends the work, achieves harmony. This process of search, of perspective, of movement that culminates in a revelation, is key to understanding the nature of each piece.


 Isabel Alonso Vega 

Tel.+34 636992753

1968  Born in Madrid. Lives and works in Madrid and Berlin. 

Now a days, she belongs to URGEL3 collective art centre, which supports and promotes artists, placed in Madrid. 


-1991. Fine Arts degree Universidad Complutense, Madrid.

-1988. Art seminar by Antonio López, Ratti Foundation, Como, Italy.

-1987 Art seminar by  Antonio Saura, Ratti Foundation, Como, Italy.

Solo exhibitions

-2016 "Genius"  Urgel3 Madrid.

-2015 "The Bear's fur" Materna y Herencia Gallery, Madrid, Spain  

-2013 "Smoke" Kleiner Salon, Berlin, Germany

-2012 "Smoke" Kleiner Salon, Berlin, Germany 

-2008 "Smoke" Elephantarte Gallery, Madrid, Spain 

-2006  Aixerrota-Arte. Cubita Gallery, Bilbao, Spain

-2006. Vinçon Gallery, Madrid, Spain 

-2004. "The wound-flower" Inside Art Gallery, Figueras, Spain 

-2003. "The wound-flower" NA(B)  Madrid, Spain 

-2002. "The wound-flower"Peironcelli Gallery, Madrid, Spain 

-2002. Centro Colón Gallery, Madrid, Spain 

-2000 Peironcelli Gallery, Madrid, Spain 

Group exhibitions

-2016 Art Farm Pilastro 

-2016 Far off Art Fair Cologne

-2015 Nando Argüelles Gallery, Sotogrande, Cádiz, Spain 

-2015 Art Madrid Art Fair 2015 Spain 

-2015 Kleiner Salon Berlín, Germany

-2009 Elephantarte Gallery, Madrid, Spain

-2008 Flecha Art Fair, Madrid,Spain 

-2007 Flecha Art Fair Madrid, Spain

-2006 Flecha Art Fair Madrid, Spain

-2004. Inside Art Gallery Figueras, Gerona, Spain 

-1986.Blanco y Negro contest exhibition, Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de Madrid


Art fairs

-2016 art fair "Far Off" Cologne.

-2015 Art Madrid Art Fair 2015 Spain 

-2008 Flecha Art Fair, Madrid,Spain 

-2007 Flecha Art Fair Madrid, Spain

-2006 Flecha Art Fair Madrid, Spain

Despite being static objects, they summon the spectator in an inevitable process of search, movement and discovery.